Connected home solution that works

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  • Complete approach to comprehensive all-in-one system with effortless ease of use - this is what the industry has been lacking.
  • Maximum utilisation and integration of traditional hardware and technologies assures stability and availability, minimising maintenance requirements at the same time.
  • It is all about the dependencies and connections between every in-house technology, providing the convenience for different level users and functionality never seen on the market yet.
  • There are less moving parts and more non-moving semiconductor-based actuators driven by software, resulting in smaller risk of mechanical failures.
  • Integrating all the units into one single system gives an ability to control everything combined, like a well-tuned orchestra.
  • High-availability - multilayer failover for software, network, servers and other critical system points.
  • More control provides convenience but once everything is connected you will also unlock significant cost saving functions.
  • Dedicated user interfaces and specific functions for End User, technican, builder, building manager, etc.
  • By modelling most of the automation logics and functionality to the software level, Kiuto has achieved the stability and level of integrability that is helping the everyday life of its users.
  • Everything is backed up in cloud and protected using bank grade digital security.

Ease of use as first priority. Imagination is the limit.

Effortless user experience by full automation.

Connecting scenarios with your normal daily activities is key for saving time and energy. Connected home by Kiuto is about making lives easier by enabling automation scenarios in the background.

By giving customer choice of any existing switch series and doing the magic in the background, Kiuto assures the usability by any age group. The customer does not need to learn to ride the car again - autopilot function is optional.

Imagine ...

Turning on the alarm to initiate any scenario within the connected devices at ease. From auto ordering an elevator, closing blinds, switching off lights, turning on energy saving mode to sending note to your vehicle to drive out of garage. Imagination is the limit.

Someone rings a doorbell and you can start video conversation without running to the door.

A friend is coming over and all you have to do is to whitelist his or her car number plate to enable access to your driveway or garage.

Turning off security and opening the door for them from the comfort of your sofa.

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